Book/Movie Reviews

Blue, A Documentary


Blue is a documentary about sharks, seals, tuna, and seabirds. 

It shows you what is happening in the ocean.

It includes a cast of Sharkgirl(not me)! 

I promise it will make your eyes well up with tears at least once.

Please watch it!

Everything You Need To Know about Sharks


In this book there is a few things you need to know about sharks but not a lot...

It is Ok but when its title is 'Everything You Need To Know about Sharks'

It really should have more stuff about sharks!

I got this book because of sharks, not because of other creatures of the deep!

I give this book a 3 out of 5!

Shark Wars Battle Of Riptide

Ever since Gray, Barkley, and their friends defeated Goblin,an infamous great white, at Tuna Run, life in the Big Blue has become murkier than ever for this young shiver of sharks. Food is scarce. Enemies lurk in every shadow. And Gray still doesn't know what has become of his family - of his mother, Sandy, and the rest of his Coral Reef shiver.

Everywhere they swim, currents seem to whisper of a growing threat . . . of a shark who will stop at nothing until he has seized control of the entire ocean.

This Book was a action packed MUST READ for me, it was definitely 5 out of 5!